Allergies in Dogs

Skin allergies have become an all too common problem in dogs and can have many different causes.   Conventional corticosteroids and antihistamines treatments from the Vet often only provide temporary relief from itching and scratching, and these drugs have many potential side effects.
OLEWO Red Beets are an excellent natural detoxifier, and toxins in the dog's system are often the cause of skin allergies.  The toxins are expelled instead of being re-absorbed in the dog's system.  Just like humans, dogs are exposed to toxins every day, including pollutants, pesticides and chemicals.  Other sources of toxins include medications as steroids, antibiotics, vaccines and even food toxins such as chemical preservatives, additives and coloring.  The dog's body is designed to rid itself of these toxins naturally, but it can easily become overburdened.  Detoxification offers additional support to expel these toxins and minimize weight, which is important to maintain health and vitality.  

Overweight Dogs

Obesity is another common problem among adult dogs. Just as with humans, the primary reason for overweight dogs is too many calories and not enough exercise.  Obesity is a nutritional problem, but can also become a serious medical problem.
If there is no medical problem causing the excess weight, there are several measures a pet owner can take to promote weight loss, and it all starts with the diet.  A diet for the overweight dog should include a high quality protein, be low in fat and high in fiber. Adding OLEWO Red Beets to the diet will provide the dog with maximum nutrition, because the key is to feed quality and not quantity. OLEWO Red Beets provide a premium source of fiber and help increase the nutrient absorption and proper digestion of the dog's food. Red beets have a gamma-amino acid which plays an important role in maintaining efficient metabolism.  The betaine in red beets helps stimulate the function of liver cells and with a properly functioning liver, fats are broken down efficiently to maintain a healthy weight. 

Inflammation in Dogs
Inflammation can occur on many different parts of the dog's body, but areas that are most commonly affected by swelling of tissues include the skin, ears, joints and internal organs.  While there are side effects and risks with commonly prescribed anti-inflammatory veterinary drugs, Red Beets naturally help process inflammation.
A variety of factors such as injuries, allergies and lack of nutrition can cause inflammation.  The naturally occurring ingredients in OLEWO Red Beets are very effective in helping to reduce and prevent inflammation.  Since Red Beets are not commonly known as a pet food ingredient, the product was tested (on cells, not animals!) and verified by a Scientific Lab to document the benefits, one of which was the anti-inflammatory compounds.  There are many unique phytonutrients present in red beets, but in particular the anti-inflammatory activity is demonstrated by the betanin.

Protection against Disease and Infection

Antioxidants play just as an important role in the health of dogs as in humans.  They neutralize harmful free radicals that can cause cellular damage to help prevent diseases and cancer, and also help slow down the aging process.

Red Beets contain an unusual mix of antioxidants and are unique in the way that they get their red color primarily from betanin antioxidant pigments.  Coupled with a good source of antioxidant C, and an excellent source of antioxidant manganese, the unique phytonutrients in red beets provide more powerful antioxidant support than other antioxidant-rich vegetables.  The combination of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds in red beets make OLEWO Red Beets the ideal food supplement to help protect against disease and cancers.  Lab studies have shown betanin pigments to lessen tumor cell growth and researchers are looking more closely than ever at the value of betanins in red beets for the prevention and treatment of certain cancer types.


Mucous Membranes

The most commonly examined mucous membranes are the gums.  The color of the gums is a good indicator of blood oxygenation.  OLEWO Red Beets can help provide the dogs's tissues with oxygen and moisture to regenerate and maintain healthy pink mucous membranes.

Folate and Pregnancy

Red Beets are one of the richest sources of folate which is an important factor for a successful pregnancy in dogs.  Dietary folate in early pregnancy has long been recognized to be necessary for normal embryo development.

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