"I have been supplementing my Show line German Shepherds with Olewo Red Beets since they were young. Olewo Red Beets provide great health benefits for my high energy dogs. They stay fit and maintain a suitable weight. People rave about their rich red and black coat colors. I am happy to provide my dogs with a natural food supplement that is high in antioxidants."

Bick B., Florida
"I purchased two Doberman Pinschers from Family Dobes in Utah. Since the breed is prone to cancer and other illnesses, I began feeding Olewo Red Beets and Olewo Carrots daily after being introduced to the products at my local Schutzhund Club. Luna often had soft stools, but that completely went away after starting the carrot pellets. I love the fact that the red beets help remove toxins and metals from their bodies, thus helping to prevent allergies and keep their immune systems in optimal condition. I expect my girls will live long, healthy lives and OLEWO will be a contributing factor! I recommend this product to all my friends who have dogs. I am so thankful that I found this incredible product!"

Kim N., Florida



"Izzy is 4-1/2 years old and is my star agility dog. She is in the top 5% of all Bearded Collies doing agility nationwide. We trial year round and she eats better than I do which explains why her diet is so important. Izzy receives Olewo Red Beets and Olewo Carrots with each meal and she loves the taste! Olewo supplements are by far the best products that I have ever given to my dogs!"

Steve L., California


"At Dark Waters Rottweilers, we have been using Olewo Red Beets with our girls now for a little over two years. Our girls have beautiful coats and a healthy weight during whelp. Plus the puppies have some of the best coats I have seen. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product!"

Tonya & David, Florida



"Our three Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs get Olewo Red Beets in the morning and Olewo Carrots in the evening. The Vet asked me last time I brought them in for their annual exam what my secret was to keeping them so healthy. That's when I pulled out my Olewo samples from my purse! Their rust colors have a rich copper sheen and their coats shine every day thanks to Olewo!"

Amy R., Illinois

"The whole Household eats Olewo Red Beets and Olewo Carrots from the 100 lb Dutch Shepherd, 55 lb German Shepherd, 6.8 lb Chihuahua to the 3.5 lb Chihuahua. Their coats have amazing pigment and texture, and they have rock solid digestive systems that handle stress of training, traveling and anything else life throws at them."

Aviva M., Virginia


"I recently decided to try out Olewo Red Beets and Olewo Carrots with my dogs after recommendations from two friends. Two weeks later I am thrilled with the results already! Coats and skin look awesome and two of my boys have had on and off soft poo issues no matter what they are fed, and so far knock on wood, great improvement. I will definately be sticking with this product! Ive tried others in the past but this is the best result I have seen thus far. Thank you!"

Melonie. E., Georgia
Winners Circle Great Danes

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